Daily Blog #665: Pancake Viewer Part 1

Hello Reader,
         If you watched the last Forensic Lunch (I mean why wouldn't you have) then you know that Matt and I talked about continuing development of Matt's Pancake Viewer. Specifically Matt suggested that I take over the development.  So with that in mind I thought I would make this a blog series and likely some test kitchens.

Why? Good question!

Also I've noticed my blog posts look better on the new blog template if there is in image in it, so here we go:

Daily Blog #665: Pancake Viewer part 1 - Hacking Exposed by David Cowen

What is Pancake Viewer you ask? It's Mat's Open Source GUI project that allows you to open any image file or physical disk that DFVFS supports and view its contents. It was an early experiment in learning DFVFS and Wx for Matt as well as in the long term an open source replacement for FTK Imager.

I've had several people ask to continue the Automating DFVFS series and since Pancake Viewer makes use of DFVFS it makes good sense to work on this to show what you can do with DFVFS outside of a command line quick script. You can write entire applications on top of it and Matt has some good code here that we can learn together to better take advantage of it.

We can then take that knowledge back to the Automating DFVFS series to expand whats possible.

So to start with you should grab a copy of my forked version of Matt's PancakeViewer project


I'm going to be trying VSCode this time around, I typically use Komodo when I do Python but thought I would change things around.

Looking at the readme you can see there are two dependencies. Let's install them in reverse order.


  - Homepage: https://github.com/log2timeline/dfvfs

  - Wiki: https://github.com/log2timeline/dfvfs/wiki

  - How to build:


- WxPython (v3.0)

  - Homepage: https://www.wxpython.org/

  - Compiled Binaries:

According to WxPython's download page you can now use pip to install it on both Mac and Windows which is very handy. I was able to install it doing

pip install -U wxPython

Next we need to install DFVFS which I haven't done on this system in quite some time and I'm not sure what the state of things are. So come back tomorrow dear reader for what I'm sure is not an foreshadow of danger ..... daily blog 666 install DFVFS again.

This is a 4-part series and here are the links to each one:

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