Daily Blog #666: Pancake Viewer Part 2 with Test Kitchen

Pancake Viewer Part 2 with Test Kitchen by David Cowen

Hello Reader,
       Well it happened, we reached daily blog 666 and as you would expect ... it all went wrong. 

In order to show how to get DFVFS running I decided to do it in a Test Kitchen live stream that you can watch below, its 2 hours. Yes it took 2 hours and some whiskey to finally go from creating an Azure account, running a Windows 10 vm to getting DFVFS installed. 

Here is the TLDR:
1. Getting Azure up and starting a new Win 10 desktop was pretty painless and fairly cheap, we will find out how cheap at the end of the month
2. I used ninite to install what I needed but it installed Python 2.7 (boo) so I had to install 3.7
3. I attempted to follow the instructions on the DFVFS build page ... don't do that. 
4. Instead  install the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Build tools:

5. Then use matthew's script:

which will install all of the msi's for the compiled libraries
6, Then install dfvfs, you can use pip for this too
pip install dfvfs

That should do it! 
If not watch the video below and skip around to find things that could help. Next post we will work out what errors exist in the current program, get it to run and then figure out what we want to extend first.

This is a 4-part series and here are the links to each one:

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