Daily Blog #338: Triforce ANJP Free Edition

Triforce ANJP Free Edition by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
    I think its important to keep promises whenever you can. If you remember when we first started talking about the Triforce products we stated we always wanted to keep a free version available. Today we announce that free version to all of you. While in a perfect world you would get a license of our awesome commercial product, we don't want to withhold good evidence from anyone. The free version of Triforce ANJP will fully parse out the $MFT, $Logfile and USNJrnl to text and sqlite databases just like the commercial version. The only difference comes in its ability to use signatures, both provided by us and ones you create yourself, and advanced reporting.

You can download your own free for life copy here:  


We are here to support you in your investigations and make sure you always have the best evidence we can help you get. You will see that the license states not for commercial use, which we think is fair for those of you using our tools to generate a profit from your services.

Moving forward we will strive to make the core of the parser the same as the commercial version so the free version will stay up to date and hopefully bug free.

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