Daily Blog #200: Real World use of ANJP

Real World use of ANJP - HECF Blog

Hello Reader,
          Some of the people in our beta test of ANJP have been nice enough to give feedback in their testing, which is something we truly appreciate. Others have gone beyond testing to using ANJP in their real world work as we do. As most people who are producing software for using in real investigations, prosecutions and litigation I try to keep track of where it has been used and accepted within various courts of law.

I knew that Mark Spencer over at Arsenal (home of Registry Recon, a great tool!) was testing ANJP and he let me know last summer that he was working a case where it was being of use. Recently I found a report he submitted to a Turkish court where he used ANJP in conjunction with other tools and a solid forensic methodology to prove that a system was tampered with to make incriminating documents appear on a defendants computer in a criminal action. I've asked Mark and he said the report is public and he's working on a more technical paper for his peers to read and understand.

In the meantime though I thought his initial public report was good enough to deserve it's own post to draw attention both to Mark's great work and ANJP's use in the real world.

You can read it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_mjsPB8uKOAOTRJdlN1ZVRYM1E/edit?usp=sharing

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