Daily Blog #256: ANJP aka Triforce Beta Program Ending

ANJP aka Triforce Beta Program Ending

Hello Reader,
             I was going to post today showing my tests of Hal Pomeranz's tool to recover deleted mlocate databases, but I didn't do that today. So instead I thought it would be helpful to those of you still considering beta testing our ANJP (Advanced NTFS Jorunal Parser) aka Triforce tool before we end the beta next month. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you who provided feedback in your testing and helped us turn a simple parser into a powerful tool.

You can join the last of the Beta releases as we march toward the first production release here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GzOMe-QHtB12ZnI4ZTjLA06DJP6ZScXngO42ZDGIpR0/viewform

So what happens next?

Our code base will split into two. We have always stated we will maintain a free version of ANJP so everyone can get more evidence, but the advanced features of ANJP (such as our signatures) will move to a commercial version at a very reasonable cost. So you have two scenarios once the beta ends.

Scenario 1. You can use the free version and figure everything out for yourself being the badass you are
Scenario 2. You can pay a reasonable fee to get regular updates to our signatures of 'bad things happening' and other interesting events letting us make your life that much easier

Our hope is to generate enough revenue with the commercial version to keep development funded and recover our costs.

Will Beta Users get a discount?

Yes! You've helped us get this far and we want to say thanks by providing a link/code to get it for a better deal than we will ever offer again. When the production code is released look for an email to the address you used to signup for the beta to get the code.

You should make this open source!

I'm sorry, we can't afford to do that. If you'd like to buy us and then turn our code into an open source project I'm happy to talk!

Questions? I'm happy to answer them. We've tried to be upfront every step a long the way with this project and I don't want to stop now. You can comment below or email us info@g-cpartners.com

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