Daily Blog #291: PFIC 2014

PFIC 2014 by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
         If you've ever wanted to do hands on Journal analysis with me you'll have your first chance this year at PFIC, the Paraben Forensics Innovation Conference. I'll be doing a 90 minute lab on USN Journal analysis that will use both my tools and others to:
  • Explain USN fundamentals
  • Walk through analysis scenarios
  • Spot false positives
  • Test and validate findings
The USN Journal is quickly becoming one of my smoking guns for all sorts of great proof that I otherwise would never have proven. If you want to spend a week at a Ski resort in Utah in November,(tough life I know right?) then come join me and others at PFIC!

PFIC is going to be different this year as they are experimenting again with the format. Last year they had different tracks you could pick but you couldn't see all the content in all the tracks. This year they have two tracks, basic and advanced You will be in a group of 40 that will move through all the content of that track together across three days. I will get three different groups of 40 across three days for 90 mins each day.

It's a neat concept and I am looking forward to seeing how it works out.

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