Daily Blog #292: Forensic Lunch 4/11/14

Hello Reader,
         We had a few audio issues today that you'll hear in the recording. The good news is that it didn't effect our guest Anthony Di Bello from Guidance Software and we cleared it up in the last half of the show. This week we had:

Anthony Di Bello from Guidance Software talking about CEIC. CEIC is our industries biggest conference and we will be there. If you are interested go here http://www.guidancesoftware.com/ceic/Pages/about-ceic.aspx and follow them on twitter @encase

David Dym talking about his upcoming talk on SQLite forensics at CEIC and the early release of a new tool called SQLiteDiver which comes in GUI and CLI forms. You can download SQLiteDiver here: http://www.easymetadata.com/Downloads/SQLiteDiver/ and you can see Dave talk about it and SQLite forensics at CEIC!

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