Daily Blog #290: National CCDC is coming

Hello Reader,
        It's almost that time of year again, National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition time! Every year for the past 7 years I've been leading the national red team in what I can only call a weekend of fun and stress relief.This year 130 US colleges put together teams of undergraduate and graduate students to learn real world defense skills under the pressures of normal business needs. This year the event has grown again with Raytheon as a named sponsor who have brought a lot of their own resources to bear to the event, including the following very cool infographic.

So 10 college teams representing the best cyber defense talent in the nation are coming to San Antonio this month to see who can hold their network together against my teams attacks while also keeping the lights on for the business they are trying to protect. At the conclusion of the event I usually give two talks to the students. One in a conference type setting where I try to explain better IR skills and new response techniques and the other a red team debriefing. As in past years I'll post those slides here when I do.

Wish the 10 teams luck, they'll need it!

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