Daily Blog #264: Forensic Lunch 3/14/14 - Discussion with Jake Williams, Brian Baskin, and Vladimir Katalov

Happy Pi Day Reader!,
            We had another great Forensic Lunch today, I hope you will consider making time in your Friday to watch it live someday as I think its just way more fun live. This week we had in order of appearance:

Jake Williams, @malwarejake, talking about the results of the SANS Endpoint Security survey and the positions they are looking to hire at the Mayo Clinic for those of  you looking for senior DFIR positions!

You can also train with jake next month in Orlando and elsewhere, go here to see the classes he's teaching https://www.sans.org/instructors/jake-williams.
SANS/Guidance Endpoint Security Survey Webcast - http://bit.ly/1hYUYMU

Alissa's Memory Forensics Class - Orlando, http://bit.ly/1e0ZEkD

Jake's Log Management and Forensics Class - Orlando, http://bit.ly/PBqkQy

Jake and Alissa's Memory Forensics vLive class - http://bit.ly/1imyw0V

Brian Baskin, @bbaskin, talking about his research, blog (ghetto forensics), books (here is an amazon link), and his work at DC3 where they are looking for people interested in DFIR with a clearance who live in the Baltimore area! Reach out to him if you are interested.

Vladimir Katalov, @vkatalov, the CEO of Elcomsoft talking about upcoming research regarding iCloud key chain recovery from network traffic, Blackberry 10 backups, accessing cloud storage and which gpus work well for long term password cracking. You can go to elcomsoft's website here and these are my favorite tools they sell:
Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker http://www.elcomsoft.com/eppb.html, great for cracking encrypted phone backups and accessing iCloud backups!
Elcomsoft iOS Toolkit, http://www.elcomsoft.com/eift.html, great for low level working in iOS forensics.
Elcomsoft password cracking bundle, http://www.elcomsoft.com/eprb.html, a nice collection of there password cracking tools

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