Daily Blog #687: Forensic Lunch schedule for the next 4 weeks

Hello Reader,
       Its taking some work but I'm lining up guests a month in advance now. Here is the schedule for the next four weeks so you can plan out what episodes you want to see

Guest 1
Guest 2
Guest 3
Guest 4
Brian Marks
Lee Whitfield
Oleg Skulkin

Jack Farley w/ MEAT
Josh Brunty - Marshall
Sunday Funday Winner
MVS CTF Winner
Sunday Funday Winner

Mike Cohen
Sunday Funday Winner

Notice something new there?  I thought it would be fun to invite the Sunday Funday winner from the prior week to come on the Lunch to talk about what they did. Oleg Skulkin was willing to be the first and hopefully not the last!

All times will be Noon CDT (UTC -5) With the exception of 5/22/2020 when we will broadcast at 5PM CDT (UTC -5) to let Mike Cohen actually get some sleep.

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