Daily Blog #686: Want to be on the Forensic Lunch?

Hello Reader,
         Now that the Forensic Lunch is weekly I'm trying to work extra hard to book guests in advance, which I maayyy have been lax about the last year or so. I'm now booked for the next 4 weeks but I'm looking to find new voices, new research and new cool stuff that the community at large wants to see.

So this is your chance. Been watching the Lunch for years? Always thought you had something to say? Email me dlcowen@gmail.com with the subject Forensic Lunch Guest Request and let's get you scheduled and get the word out on what your up to.

Commercial Software Vendors Please Note:
Commercial products are something I let on the lunch when I personally feel that the value they bring is something novel and has value to the community at large. If you send me a product pitch I may need alot more information before agreeing to have you on.

Examples of past vendors:
Guidance software

I have turned away many others, please know that even if you do come on the public chat will be wanting to ask questions you must be prepared to answer.

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