Daily Blog #228: Updated Multiboot Thumbdrive Image

Hello Reader,
         Short one today, we've updated our USB Multiboot image to get it into compliance with some of the tools we included last time (they did not allow redistribution outside their own site) as well as adding Kali Linux!

You can download the updated image here: https://mega.co.nz/#!i45WhQya!SQILk0Td3e-g2j9YKUtuFjkbrrszJAgWthfhkGOKpqk

Here's the hash of the image: 0CE2DF92EA14A151F17D553AFA8ED58A

To extract the image to one of your USB drives we use ImageUSB from Passmark: http://www.osforensics.com/tools/write-usb-images.html it's free!

Here is how to restore the image to a new 32GB or larger Thumbdrive:

Step 1. Download the zip file, it's 6GB
Step 2. Extract it somewhere were you have at least 32GBs of space
Step 3. Download and instal the ImageUSB software linked above
Step 4. Insert a 32GB or greater thumb drive, all the contents of it are about to be overwritten so make sure you don't want that data!
Step 5. Run the ImageUSB program
Step 6.Next you'll see the following screen you'll need to do the following:
   a. select the drive letter you want to write the image to, in the examples below I picked I:\
   b. Make sure 'Write to UFD is selected'
   c. Provide the full path to where the .bin file you extracted in Step 2 now exists, you can see for me it's on f:\usb image for download 2.bin
   d. Click on Write to UFD

Step 7. You'll be asked to confirm your selection of source and destination
Step 8. You'll be presented with a reminder that you are about to overwrite all the data on the disk, click yes
 Step 9.You'll see the Status of I:\ change to Writing with a percentage, this will take some time to run.Around 10 minutes on a regular USB3 flash drive.

Step 10. You'll be presented with a dialog confirming the image was successfully restored
Step 11. You'll see in the Log output window on the bottom that the hashes of the restored data matched, meaning you have a good image restore!
Step 12. Check out I:\ now, it has the windows accessible partition we made.
 We've included some base utilities and cheat sheets but its up to you to download more and place it on there as many tools have restrictions in their redistribution. I would recommend atleast downloading all the sysinternals tools

If you want to see the multiboot work all you need to do now is reboot your computer with the thumbdrive left plugged in!

Good luck!

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