Daily Blog #229: Forensic Lunch 2/7/14

Hello Reader,
      Another Friday another great Forensic Lunch. This week with a special shout out to Alissa Torres' For508 class who got to watch it live on their lunch break, how cool! This week we had:

Robert Wallace & Matt Bromiley from talking about how they are using elastic search to work with big data breaches

Willi Ballenthin,+Willi Ballenthin talking about his work in DFIR and he's recently released tools working with NTFS. You can read Willi's blog here: http://www.williballenthin.com/ and follow him on twitter @williballenthin

Brian Moran,+Brian Moran talking about his work in memory forensics, POS Malware and other fun topics. You can read Brian Moran's blog here: and follow him on twitter @brianjmoran and on Google+ +Brian Moran

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