Daily Blog #674: Forensic Lunch Podcast is up to date!

The Forensic Lunch with David Cowen and Matthew Seyer

Hello Reader,
        I was planning to search my Cloudtrail logs today in a test kitchen to show my snapshot activity, but life has a way of getting in the way ... even when you don't leave the house.

However what I did accomplish today was getting the podcast caught up with the Youtube broadcasts! It was over a year behind so this was long overdue. The official podcast page is here:


You can listen/subscribe from the main site above or get it on many popular podcasting apps such as:

I thought it would be a good idea to explain the process of turning the live video's into a podcast in case others wanted to do so.

  1. After the live broadcast is over I can download the show as a mp4 video file from Youtube
  2. I think use Foobar2000 to strip the audio our of the mp4 and store it as a mp3
  3. I use libsyn.com for my podcast hosting so I then have to upload the mp3 there
    1. Note I tried to self host my podcast but there are some additional tags and features that the podcast feeds want that I just decided I didn't want to deal with
  4. Once uploaded I need to add guest info and titles and the podcast sites pull from there, years ago I submitted the feed to a couple and the others appear to have taken the hint
Reasons why I was behind:
  1. When I left the old company the login was tied to my old company email account, so I had to get that changed since I was paying for it but couldn't get access to it
  2. Once episodes build up its a chore to go back and catch up which is why it fell behind before I left
  3. Real work and personal lives sometimes compete with free work

So my plan is to keep up from this point forward, I'll be honest its easier when I do the daily blogs because then I can take the show description I wrote in the blog and just paste it into the podcast description!

So there you go, that's what it takes to get the podcast done. What I would ask of you if you read this far is to let me know things I could do with the podcast side of things that would make it easier to listen to/better to use.

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