Daily Blog #663: Magnet Virtual Summit 2020

Magnet Virtual Summit 2020 - Hacking Exposed Blog by David Cowen

Hello Reader,

      Next month I was supposed to be eating hot chicken with all of you in Nashville at the Magnet User Summit (MUS) but since it's still corona time this too has moved to a virtual format. The conference now called the Magnet Virtual Summit (MVS) is set for the whole month of may, it's Magnet in May!

What's even more interesting is that Magnet has decided to make MVS free for anyone who wants to virtually attend and will have a month of speakers (http://www.magnetvirtualsummit.com/speakers) a virtual CTF created by Champlain's DFA and Jessica Hyde and of course we will be doing a Forensic Lunch with the winner.

Speaking of the virtual CTF, since we are not running the CTF this year we will be joined by campaign manager extraordinaire Brian Moran in providing commentary on our YouTube channel so everyone can follow along at home. Expect expert insights, bad jokes and team nicknames to fly as we watch the scoreboard and cheer on the competitors.

So go here to register (http://www.magnetvirtualsummit.com/registration) and get ready for daily content starting May 4th through the end of May. It's great to see so many vendors making the best of the current situation and bring us something that benefits everyone.

Tomorrow, come back for Sunday Funday!

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