Daily Blog #436: Solution Saturday 7/28/18 - Winning Answer for Timezones Challenge

Timezones Challenge by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
             Jet Lag got me and I fell asleep before posting this earlier, but I'll take advantage of this random wake up time to post the winning answer. This week I thought I didn't have any submissions but missed the fact after a 16 hour plane ride that I did have quite a complete answer from Adam Harrison. Luckily I did get some more last minute submissions after reaching out but in the end Adam wins again.

The Challenge:
On a Windows 10 system what are the different ways you could determine what timezones a user was in prior to the whatever timezone is stored in the registry?

The Winning Answer from Adam Harrison:

Posted on his blog here.

Adam did submit a document as well but the blog post is more up to date.

Great job Adam! Look for another post in the daylight hours with this weeks challenge.

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