Daily Blog #435: Forensic Lunch 7/27/18 - Discussion on BitLocker, Defcon DFIR CTF and More

Discussion on BitLocker, Defcon DFIR CTF and More

Hello Reader,
           Greetings from my flight from Abu Dhabi to Dallas, Texas. We had a Forensic Lunch today with just Matt and I talking about Bitlocker, the Defcon DFIR CTF and making future challenges and test images with the possibility of live streaming us watching machines get compromised. Unfortunately I was doing this from a hotel so the stream got disconnect midway through so its in two parts.

Here is the first part:

here is the second:

Normally I would embed the videos but the inflight wifi is blocking Youtube and my VPN isn't working. In good news though in 14 more hours I'll be back in Texas and able to get back to a regular schedule.

Hope you enjoy!

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