Daily Blog #250: Forensic Lunch 2/28/14 - Discussion with Jack Crook and Marc Ochsenmeier on IR, PeStudio and More

Hello Reader!,
          Today's Forensic Lunch was great and really focused on IR and static malware analysis. If you are interested in either of those topics, boy do we have a great show for you. This week we had:

Jack Crook, @jackcr, talking about his work in IR, how he got started, his forensic challenges and his work in building local DFIR community. You can read his blog here, http://blog.handlerdiaries.com/, and learn more about his community efforts in Virginia.

Marc Ochsenmeier, @ochsenmeier, giving us the history of his tool PeStudio and an overview of how it works as well as the future of the tool.  His website is http://winitor.com/ where you can download PeStudio for yourself as its free for non-commercial use!

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