Daily Blog #250: Forensic Lunch 2/28/14

Hello Reader!,
          Today's Forensic Lunch was great and really focused on IR and static malware analysis. If you are interested in either of those topics, boy do we have a great show for you. This week we had:

Jack Crook, @jackcr, talking about his work in IR, how he got started, his forensic challenges and his work in building local DFIR community. You can read his blog here, http://blog.handlerdiaries.com/, and learn more about his community efforts in Virginia.

Marc Ochsenmeier, @ochsenmeier, giving us the history of his tool PeStudio and an overview of how it works as well as the future of the tool.  His website is http://winitor.com/ where you can download PeStudio for yourself as its free for non-commercial use!

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