Daily Blog #235: SWGDE paper on Digital Forensics as an art and a science

SWGDE paper on Digital Forensics as an art and a science

Hello Reader,
       Today I wanted to talk about a SWGDE paper we got to read over during our last session that is now out for public comment. I really hope you take the time to comment on this as I think this brief one page of text (the rest is SWGDE template, go to page 2) really sums up how digital forensics can be both an Art and Science at the same time.

You can get the pdf here:


and submit comments on it here: https://www.swgde.org/contact?member=standards_committee

The TLDR (too long didn't read)? Digital Forensics is a science but Digital Investigations is an art. The two things live together in a way that other forensic sciences don't as the examiner and the investigator may often be the same person!

This is an interesting subject that effects all of us within DFIR differently. Please give it a read, provide a comment there or leave it here on the blog and I'll get it to them.

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