Daily Blog #234: Bsides Nola 2014 Agenda is up!

Bonjour Reader,
           Have you wanted to:
a) Go to a DFIR conference, but they are expensive
b) Eat a lot of really good food

Then you should consider Bsides NOLA. They just put up their agenda with all of their chosen speakers, you can find it here: http://www.securitybsides.com/w/page/71231585/BsidesNola2014.

If you haven't head of Security Bsides before its a pretty huge movement within the community to create local conferences with good speakers at a low cost to the attendee. I've attended Bsides DFW and Bsides Las Vegas, I hope to attend Bsides San Francisco this month.

What I like about Bsides NOLA compared to the other ones, and that makes it worth traveling to, is that it is unique in its focus of DFIR. Go take a look at the agenda and you'll see many familiar DFIR names speaking about a range of topics from memory analysis, APT response, to Mac Malware and information security topics. It's a great collection of good speakers and I wish I could be there myself.

Maybe next year!

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