Daily Blog #159: Making the forensic lunch

Making the forensic lunch by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
       This is normally where I would post a video and tell you about the guests we have on the forensic lunch this week except, there was no forensic lunch this week! Seeing as it is a holiday weekend in America it seemed unlikely to succeed so we have punted until next week. So I thought this week I would address a question I get asked a lot, what equipment are you using to make the forensic lunch?

We have 4 microphones all from sterling audio on mic stands that run into a focursrite 18i20 for preamp and mixing. We then have an output running from the focusrite into the line in on the PC in the room. For video we have a hp lifecam on top of the TV to get a wide angle into the room.

From there its all about the right combination of google services with the right account to make things work. If you want to get a hangout on air event like we do you need to do the following:

1. Link a youtube account to a google+ page
2. SMS verify your account, this will enable hang outs on air
3. As the same google+ page you then create an event for the time you want the event to occur, do not enable as a hangout
4. On the day of your event create a hangout on air as the google+ page
5. Once it has started enable the Q&A module which will, if you did all the right things as the right account, find your google+ event and link the hangout on air to it
6. Give the hangout link to the people you'd like to join
7. Use the cameraman app to set your options for how the video will be displayed and recorded within the hangout
7. Click go on air when you are ready to broadcast
8. Take questions with the Q&A app and make sure to click which ones you are answering for those watching later
9. Take the youtube link when your done to share the video

So there you go! The next hard part is finding people to come on the air. Speaking of I'm looking for guests for next week's forensic lunch so please email me, dcowen@g-cpartners.com, to get on.

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