Daily Blog #158 Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
          It's Thanksgiving in America and I had a great day of cooking and enjoying family time. My wife always tells me that I should break up the technical posts with a recipe now and then so let's do that.

The HECF Blog Smoked Turkey

If you are my friend on Facebook you would know that on fathers day I got  a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker and I've been reaching my full potential as a Texan ever since by using it. I used it this morning to make a smoked turkey that was met was happy bellies.

I started my recipe by following the recipe listed here:

There is a lot of words there, and if you want to make the most amazing meal of your thanksgiving days you should read all of them. The summary though is as follows.

1. It takes multiple days to actually defrost a turkey, make sure you buy it 4 days before and let it rest in the fridge or cooler to fully defrost.

2. Many turkeys sold in stores today have already been put into some kind of brine, don't brine your turkey unless it does not say some version of 'contains up to x% water and spices'.

3. The night before you are going to cook, get a rub (either store bought or follow a recipe on amazing ribs) and mix it with equal parts olive oil to make it a wet rub.

4. Cut off the excess fat around the neck and cavity as well as anything binding the legs together.

5. Place the rub on the skin but also reach into the neck cavity and get it under the skin and on to the meat directly and then let it sit overnight.

6. The morning of place onions/garlic/orange peels and thyme in the cavity.

7. Take a little extra olive oil and salt and place it on the skin so it will crisp better.

8. Make a drip pan to put under your turkey with onions, herbs, and chicken broth and the giblets.

9. Heat up your smoker/grill to 325 and then place the bird
 on with a drip pan underneath to catch the drippings.

10. Cook the bird until the internal temp hits 160.

11. Remove the bird from the smoker and then let it rest 30mins.

12 . Take the dripping pan and dump it into a blender.

13. Mix the blended drippings, flour and heavy cream w/ chicken broth and pepper and stir to make a gravy

This is what the turkey will look like!

Happy Thanksgiving! by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

There you go!

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