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Daily Blog #89: Forensic Lunch 9/20/13

Hello Reader,
           We have another great Forensic Lunch for you, thanks to all of you who watched live with us! I hope you can join us for the next live broadcast so you can get your questions in. This week we had:
  • Suzanne Widup with Verizon DBIR talking about VCDB
  • Jonathan Tomczak with TZWorks talking about new developments in tracking lnk, jumplists and shellbags with mft reference numbers back to the files they reference with gena and other tools
  • Blazer Catzen with Catzen Forensics talking about more HTML5 offline content research, linkedin ios message recovery, comparing tools for parsing IOS backups and tool testing
  • Matt and myself talking about HFS+ Journaling, rewriting the current NTFS Journal parser and other topics
Links for this week:
For the VCDB You can get an overview here: for VCDB.
The VCDB Github is located here:
And the currently open issues is here:

You can visit Tzworks here:

And get the tools shown today here:
LNK Parser:
Jump list parser:
Shellbag parser:
GENA here:

I hope you like it, if you want to be on the Forensic Lunch just send me an email we are always looking for new people to come and share with us.

Daily Blog #89: Forensic Lunch 9/20/13 Reviewed by David Cowen on September 20, 2013 Rating: 5

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