Daily Blog #82 Forensic Lunch 9/13/13 - Discussion with Joachim Metz and Kyle Maxwell

Discussion with Joachim Metz and Kyle Maxwell

Hello Reader,
      We had a great forensic lunch today with Joachim Metz and Kyle Maxwell, topics included:

Encyclopedia Forensics
XOR Encryption
Forensic Research topics and how to get started
Programming for forensics
and a HFS+ Journal parser demo!

I tried the new Hangout Q&A function today so instead of embedding a youtube video I'm going to provide a link to the replay where not only can you watch us but see the questions asked! Pretty cool!


See you tomorrow for another Saturday Reading and get ready for our first full forensic image analysis Sunday Funday with a prize provided by ArsenalRecon! They are providing a full licensed copy of RegistryRecon for the lucky winner! The image will be available to download tomorrow so make some time in schedule for a chance to win a great prize!

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