Daily Blog #81: Encyclopedia Forensica

Encyclopedia Forensica by David Cowen - HECF Blog

Hello Reader,
         If you read yesterdays blog post I was trying to understand a system for determining what we don't know. In the comments that followed there was a good conversation that lead to a system that should lead us there.

Step 1. Create a neat project name (Check!)
Step 2. Create a forensic wiki page for it (Check!)
Step 3. Write a blog about it! (Check!)
Step 4. Document every known artifact for each major OS
Step 5. Map artifacts to processes and methodologies for determining answers to questions
Step 6. Determine what questions are left unknown
Step 7. Determine what areas of the system have not been analyzed to find the answers to these questions

So as you can see I'm not 1/3 of the way done! I've decided to dub this project, the Encyclopedia Forensica and have created a wiki page for it here:


My hope is that you will join me in this project and we can divide and conquer our way through the rest of the steps to create a corpus of knowledge that can only benefit all of us. Today in the spare time I find between investigations I plan to start sketching out template pages and seek your input on what you feel needs to documented in order to fully describe what is known.

I really like the idea of doing this on the forensic wiki as I can link to all the already written articles for those artifacts that have been documented. The point of this project is not to reinvent what has already been created but to catalog, create and organize a common body of knowledge to find whats missing.

So if you have been looking for a project either for work, school or hobby I invite you to join this one as all skill levels can participate and I can make cool t-shirts.

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