Daily Blog #700: New version of Plaso

New version of Plaso

Hello Reader,
          Ryan Benson's #130 Daily DFIR tweet mentioned something I think is interesting:

New version of Plaso

He pointed out that there is a new version of Plaso out which by itself is good news but whats interesting is that they have now switched to libfsntfs for NTFS parsing.

Why is that interesting?

Every previous version of Plaso and DFVFS backed tools made use of the TSK's native support for NTFS. Libfsntfs is Metz's NTFS library that he wrote to handle all of the edge case NTFS conditions he found, provide faster speeds and extend what is possible with supports for things like case sensitive entries, which in NTFS is interesting all by itself.

I think we should have a look at this library wednesday. Why not tomorrow? Tomorrow is when we do Magnet Virtual CTF commentary live on Youtube!

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