Daily Blog #696: Free Autopsy Training

Free Autopsy Training - DFIR

Hello Reader,
       I know right now not everyone is heads down in DFIR investigations like we are. I know that we are fortunate to retain our jobs and keep doing the work we love. So for those of you who know individuals who are looking to transition into DFIR or those already in it who are looking to grow their skills but currently have 0 budge to do it, I have some good news.

The fine folks over at Basis Technologies who fund things like The Sleuth Kit, Autopsy and OSDFCon have made their very successful Autopsy training class free!

This is an 8 hour on demand course that normally costs $495! However, you only have one more week left to claim it as they set a date of 5/15/20 to end this amazing deal.

So if you or someone you know has the time and want to get skilled up, what are you waiting for?

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