Daily Blog #680: Apple Unified Audit Logging

Hey Reader,
           Today I didn't have the time I needed to get a test kitchen done so I decided to take this opportunity to point you towards another great blog you should be reading with a different focus.

Sarah Edwards over at the Mac4n6 blog has started a series on the apple unified audit logging. If you have not been diving deep in your MacOS/Osx/Whatever they call it now analysis by looking into the data that unified audit logs provide your missing out.

Many examiners look at MacOS as a BSD operating system and just look at syslog, forgetting that there is a whole scaffold of another OS layered on top with its own logging. Apple's Unified Audit Logging is a moving target as they are notoriously not backwards compatible, I mean who else force upgrades file systems?

So do yourself a favor and check out Sarah's blog below:


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