Daily Blog #669: Forensic Lunch 4/10/20 - Today's Prestigious Guests List

Daily Blog #669: Forensic Lunch 4/10/20 - Today's Prestigious Guests List Hosted by Hacking Exposed - David Cowen

Hello Reader,
       What a great Forensic Lunch today!

On today's broadcast we had:

  • Yuri Gubanov (@belkasoft) giving an update about whats going on at Belkasoft. Including their IOS 13.4 full file system acquisition using Checkm8, their new IR module in Belkasoft Evidence Center and a neat capability to do managed remote logical phone collections. 
  • Steve Gibson and Spencer Hendee (@stevegibson) from KPMG (disclaimer I work there too!) came on to discuss the really cool AWS Cloud IR Automation we've been working on. 
  • Brian Moran (@brimorlabs) social media maven and principal of BriMorLabs came on to discuss the Magnet Virtual Summit DFIRFIT 2020 where for a donation (and some excercise) you can get a cool prize pack shipped to you anywhere in the world! Register here: https://mvsdfirfit2020.com
  • Caleb Queern (@HttpSecHeaders) also of KPMG came on to discuss the clearsite HTTP header. This was interesting as its a directive a website can give to a browser to tell it to clear/not store history or data about it. This will need to be tested and you can read more here: https://w3c.github.io/webappsec-clear-site-data/

So great stuff this week, you can watch below. Otherwise next week we've already confirmed Zach Wasserman to come and talk about OSQuery and Kollide!

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