Daily Blog #661: New Blog Template, New Blog Entry, New Daily Blog

New Blog Template, New Blog Entry, New Daily Blog

Hello Reader,
It's been awhile and a lot has changed since my last post.

1. I've now been a Managing Director at KPMG since July of 2019.
2. I finally got a new blog template as you can see, I'm still making tweaks but in short it
    a. No longer has a fixed column width
    b. Allows me to add sections to the main blog site to highlight popular series (like automating dfir) or challenges
     c. Is no longer broken
3. I'm still doing the Forensic Lunch with Matt Seyer, but now I'm getting better at it and resuming a weekly schedule!
4. I stopped daily blogging during the whole work transition thing and to get a new blog template that wasn't broken

With the current crisis my plan is to keep busy, that means focusing on family and work. That also means whatever time I have in between is going to test kitchens, blog posts and research so when this over we are all better off.

So with that, if you couldn't tell from the title, it's time for daily blogging to return.

Tomorrow's post will be the now weekly forensic lunch broadcast, followed by something on Saturday and then Sunday Funday will return.

Keep your reader feeds updated we are back!

In the meantime, read the Daily Blog #660

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