Daily Blog #653: Forensic Lunch Test Kitchen 3/26/19

Hello Reader,
        Tonight I tried to do a live stream from my hotel in  Jeddah, KSA. Looking back at the recording I'm not sure how well it did but I was able to get some base testing done for a better test of some SRUM recording features tomorrow night UTC +3. In short I did the following to see how SRUM would record it:

  • The livestream to youtube via Xsplit
  • The youtube access via chrome
  • A chrome incognito window to see if it gets tracked seperately
  • Copied data to an external drive with windows explorer
  • Copied data to an internal drive with copy.exe from the command line
  • Deleted files within file explorer
  • Deleted files in the GUI
I'll let this computer run overnight and use the wired internet I have in the classroom to stream tomorrow.

You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/0I1xgA3DhYo

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