Daily Blog #649: How to Pick Something to Test

: How to Pick Something to Test - Hacking Exposed Blog by David Cowen

Hello Reader,
         One of the questions I get asked on a semi regular basis is, how do I pick what to test/research? The answer is more simple than you would expect:

Selection pool:

  •  I look at an interaction I just experienced while using the operating system
  • I think about an artifact I don't feel I full understand
  • I am working on a case and have to find a way to recreate a behavior I found

After that, as you can see the in test kitchen videos, I spend hours testing/recreating/examining/understanding the behavior that I'm seeing. While it is possible that two different actions can result in the same behavior, typically those different actions create their own marks on the system allowing you determine which route the user went through.

I have my travel streaming system with me now and I'm currently in an airport in Dubai awaiting my flight to Jeddah. My hope is that the hotel in Jeddah will have enough bandwidth to let me stream some testing this week, wish me luck!

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