Daily Blog #639: DFRWS CFP and CFT


Hello Reader,
       Want an excuse to escape your summer weather for the wonders of the pacific northwest? Well DFRWS the academic / practitioner conference where new and interesting ideas are always heard first is coming to Portland, Oregon this July 14-17. Matt and I went to DFRWS when it was in Austin two years ago and came away with some really interesting concepts.

If you want to present at DFRWS you can submit to their CFP by March 19.
However, even presenters have to buy a ticket. If you want to go to DFRWS for free you can submit to provide a workshop! A three hour lab session where you get to show something interesting in return for free admission to the event.


Btw, did I mention the forensic rodeo?  This may be the craziest, hardest, most frustrating and wonderfully academic forensic challenge there is. It's only available at DFRWS and you'll get to see all of your favorite DFIR people struggle along with you. 

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