Daily Blog #616: Solution Saturday 2/2/19 - ShellBags Entry Challenge Winner Announcement

ShellBags Entry Challenge Winner Announcement

Hello Reader,
        I had some great submissions this week as people really got into shellbags research. This week Kevin Pagano managed to edge out a win with the extra work he did in showing the differences in how the data was recorded with different preferences in sorting and other features. The biggest thing that I took away from this is that we can tell the difference between a directory didn't have access to and interacted with one that they did have access to.

Next we did to determine a difference on just clicking on a directory versus opening it.

The Challenge:

Within a single shellbags entry answer the following:

1. What within the shellbags entry would tell you how the user had set their directory viewing preferences (sort order, thumbnail view, standard view)

2. What is the default view if they don't change anything?

3. If a user attempts to access the system volume information directory and a shellbag entry gets created (it should deny them access) what directory viewing settings are left behind

The Winning Answer:
Kevin Pagano


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