Daily Blog #585: Happy New Year 2019 - DFIR New Years Resolution

DFIR New Years Resolution by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
        New years eve was great and new years day proved to be full of family activities so I missed a day of blogging. I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well, if you had one, and let's talk DFIR new years resolutions.

Here are mine:

  • To continue daily blogging throughout 2019
  • To build out the test kitchen to include all major windows versions
  • To find a way to engage more of you in the test kitchen
  • To join the #DFIRFit movement
  • To really focus on those community events that make a difference
  • To make a calendar for a year of Forensic Lunch's and schedule guests so you can watch the ones you want
  • To work with Devon Ackerman to get more of my content categorized into Aboutdfir.com
  • To push out some new projects with Matt Seyer
  • To build even more elaborate DFIR CTFs for all of you to play
  • To boldly go... where many other investigators have gone by continuing to validate and expand artifacts
  • To find a way to get OSX on to the test kitchen
  • To figure out how to reach more people in the DFIR community
  • To keep up with the podcast version of the Forensic Lunch

What are yours?

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  1. What about the Windows Forensics In Depth book?

  2. The calendar is a biggie, I've missed most of the Forensic Lunch's since I stopped getting the Google+ notifications about it. Make it a public Google calendar I can subscribe to and put 15 minute notifications on them. :-) See you at the CTI summit.