Daily Blog #551: Forensic Lunch Test Kitchen 11/27/18

Hello Reader,
       Tonight we reached another conclusion on our road to understanding of the Amcache hive.
Here is what we learned:

  • As Maxim Suhanov pointed out on twitter for Windows 7 there is a schedule task called 'Microsoft Compability Appraiser' that runs every night and updates the Amcache
  • On Windows 10 that same task exists but the Amcache is updated after GUI executions 
  • Non executed programs in the Desktop, at least, are added when the scheduled task runs
  • If a program is modified and its hash changed the new entry will be updated when the schedule task runs again, not when the program is executed
  • There is a registry key in the SOFTWARE hive that Maxim found that appears to contain compressed appcompat data in Windows 7, in Windows 10 I found no entriies
Tomorrow night we check what Windows 7 is doing, validating what Maxim has found and what we have found in Windows 10.

You can watch the video here:

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