Daily Blog #531: DFIR In Depth: Windows Forensics

DFIR In Depth: Windows Forensics by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,

         After an excellent suggestion yesterday, thanks Bobby Joe, I've decided to get book writing again. However this time I'm going to try to push out iterative updates as I complete it via LeanPub. My plan is to push out the first outline and first chapter as the first 'completed book' and then take advantage of LeanPub's ability to push updates.

So the idea is you buy it when you'd like to and then every time I finish a chapter it will get pushed to you. This will allow me to push forward on getting the book done without making you wait the normal year or two to read, after which time I'm usually sick of the text and moving on to the new one.

What's the book called? I'm glad you asked it's:
Windows Forensics: DFIR In Depth

You can see the leanpub page here:

I'm going to get started on my long flights back to Texas late tonight from Dubai and start pushing out chapters. The idea is I'm going to start with the knowledge I've gained from the Test Kitchen series and then expand to everything else I know in a way that lets me more formally document what I know without fear if it being forever frozen in a publishers hands without being able to update it in the future.

I'm excited to try this, I'm really trying to push myself forward in the next few years to come and I hope you'll join me in this journey. 

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