Daily Blog #477: Forensic Lunch Test Kitchen 9/13/18 ObjectID Decoded and Timestamps tested

ObjectID Decoded and Timestamps tested

Hello Reader,
        Our Forensic Lunch Test Kitchen series continues! Tonight we decoded the Object ID values into their timestamps, sequences, versions, variant and mac addresses to try to understand more about what the values mean.

We found that:

  • As Maxim Suhanov (https://twitter.com/errno_fail) stated the time values used to construct the ObjectID UUIDs are cached. Meaning that the timestamp decoded does not indicate when the ObjectID was created and the timetamps will increment by miliseconds between ObjectID creations in the same boot
  • That the seed of the cached timestamp is the system boot time, so at every reboot the cached time that serves are the earliest possible ObjectID time will update to the boot time as recorded in the system event logs
  • That the sequence number does appear to increment overall but this needs further testing
  • That the $Volume ObjectID attribute is actually the VolumeID referenced by the ObjectID index
You can watch it here:

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