Daily Blog #471: Gearing up for more dfvfs programming

Gearing up for more dfvfs programming by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
        In my attempt to get a Windows VM up and running as a test development environment for doing some tutorials on 64 bit Python 3.6 and DFVFS I ran into an interesting challenge I thought I would document here to help you and myself in the future when I forget I figured this out.

If you are installing a library like PYTSK that requires some Visual Studio runtime DLLs to be installed then you'll get an interesting error like

"python can't find installed module"

when attempting to import the module. I hit this when I was using the windows python 3.6 install from python.org. I attempted different versions of Python 3.6 only in the end to discover that the real issue was the missing DLL. So instead just install the activestate version of Python 3.6 and it will install the needed DLLs to get the libraries working.

Looking forward to documenting more as the week goes on!

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