Daily Blog #445: F-Response and the Cloud

F-Response and the Cloud by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
           Today I'm sharing a lesson I learned from acquiring systems in the cloud from another cloud hosted system in the same provider. I was adding the agents and getting ready to acquire the systems, but they kept dropping off the F-Response management list of subjects.

I was quite confused, I checked the network and realized my RDP session was active the entire time and hadn't timed out. I restarted the F-Response service and kept a ping running, when the F-Response agent timed out I noticed the ping never lost a packet.

So I reached out to the excellent support staff (aka Matt Shannon) at F-Response and explained my problem and they quickly reached out (after 5PM!) and offered a suggestion, check your clock skew.

This isn't something I had run into before and so I went and made sure my clocks were the same and now it's happily imaging away.

So hopefully this helps someone in the future, if you F-Response subject keeps timing out check to make sure that the license server and the subject are set to the same time!

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