Daily Blog #443: Solution Saturday 8/4/18 - Winning Answer for Windows Task Enabled Challenge

Winning Answer for Windows Task Enabled Challenge by David Cowen

Hello Reader,
           Another week where Adam Harrison has again dominated the entries. For those of you thinking about trying out next weeks contest don't be deterred. You too can be a winner with just some basic effort and some good documentation skills!

The Challenge:

Windows 10 keep changing and with it its behavior. In Windows 8.1 and early versions of Windows 10 there was a task to delete plug and play devices that haven't been plugged in for 30 days. In more recent versions of Windows 10 this appears to be disabled. For this challenge please document what versions of Windows 10 has the task enabled and if it survives being upgraded. 

The Winning Answer:

Great job Adam! Come back tomorrow for a new challenge!

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