Daily Blog #409: Solution Saturday 6/30/18 - Winning Solution for ExFAT Timestamps Challenge

Winning Solution for ExFAT Timestamps Challenge

Hello Reader,
      Another contest has completed and changing the time frame of the contest seems to have benefited all of us. It benefits the people playing as they get more time to complete their answer, it benefits me as I get to ask more in depth questions and it benefits you the reader as you get even more information!

The Challenge:

ExFAT is documented to have a timezone field to document which timezone a timestamp was populated with. However most tools just see it as FAT and ignore it. For this challenge document for the following operating systems how they populate ExFAT timestamps and which utility will properly show the correct values.

Operating systems:

Windows 7
Windows 10
OSX High Sierre
Ubuntu Linux 16.04 

This weeks' winning answer from Paul Bryant, Senior Lecturer at  Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) can be downloaded here as there is no way I can embed this into the post:

Enjoy and great work Paul!

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