Daily Blog #383: Daily Blog Schedule

Daily Blog Schedule by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
         Well with the first post of this new year of daily blogging being a Sunday Funday challenge I haven't had a chance to tell you my planned schedule of blog posts. If you were reading the daily blogs the last time I did them four years ago you know that I took Lenny Zelter's idea of different days for different themed blogs. For this year or daily blogs I plan to follow the following schedule.

Sunday - Sunday Funday forensic challenge with answers due on Friday

Monday - Forensic post
Tuesday - Forensic post
Wednesday - Forensic post
Thursday - Forensic post
Friday - Either Forensic Lunch broadcast or Forensic Lunch Test Kitchen testing
Saturday - Solution Saturdays, posting the winner of that weeks Sunday Funday challenge

I used to do a post on Saturday's called Saturday Reading but with Phil Moore's comprehensive this week in forensics I don't see a need for those posts anymore.

I'm planning to do more write up of artifacts, the results of testing, dfir programming and business of forensic consulting. We will see how that goes, as I continue to post I might tweak the weekdays to put a theme to them but for now I want to leave them open to see what comes up.

If you have an idea for a particular day or want a specific topic covered, leave a comment below. Otherwise I hope you are ready for a year of learning together!

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