Forensic Lunch Podcast Versionx - Andrew Case, Yogesh Kahtri, and More

Forensic Lunch Podcast Version by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
          Did you know we have a podcast version of the forensic lunch?

Will we do!

You can directly subscribe to it here:

or you can get on iTunes, Doubletwist and other fine podcast directories.

All the past and current episodes are up there and I try to get new episodes converted from Youtube videos to MP3 within a couple days of the broadcast or sooner.

If you want to watch the videocast (I think that's the right word) they are all on Youtube here:

Lastly for this post the next episode of the Forensic Lunch is 11/13/15 with:

  • Andrew Case,@attrc, from the Volatility Project talking about Volatility 2.5, new plugins and the winners of this years Volatility Plugin Contest

  • Yogesh Kahtri, from Champlain, talking about SRUM forensics in Windows 8.1+. A truly amazing new artifact 

  • Matt and I talking about our new open source tool Elastic Handler

You can RSVP to watch it live here:

You can watch it on Youtube here:

Expect more posts in this space through the end of the year!

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