Forensic Lunch 3/20/15 - James Carder and Eric Zimmerman

Forensic Lunch 3/20/15 - James Carder and Eric Zimmerman

Hello Reader!,
           We had another great Forensic Lunch! This broadcast we had:

James Carder of the Mayo Clinic, @carderjames, talking all about automating your response process to separate the random attacks from sophisticated attacks. You can hear James talk about this and much more at the SANS DFIR Summit where he'll be a panelist! If you want to work with James Mayo Clinic is hiring.

Mayo Clinic Infosec and IR Jobs:
Contact James Carder:

Special Agent Eric Zimmerman of the FBI, @EricRZimmerman , talking about his upcoming in depth Shellbags talk at the SANS DFIR Summit as well as his new tool called Registry Explorer. RE and Eric's research into windows registries will be continued in the next broadcast. Whether you are interested in registries from a research, academic or investigative perspective this is a must see, and FREE, tool!

Eric's Blog:
Eric's Github:
Registry Explorer:

You can watch the broadcast here on Youtube:

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