Forensic Lunch 2/13/2015 - Anuj Soni, Jason Trost, Matt Bromiley and Lee Whitfield

Hello Reader,

We had an amazing Forensic Lunch this week! We talked about attacker tools, web shells, reverse engineering, the modern honey network and extending the same.

This week we had:
Anuj Soni, discussing webshells and attacker tools
Jason Trost, discussing the Modern Honey Net project he's working on at Threatstream
Matt Bromiley talking about the work we are done to extend the MHN reporting by integrating elastic search and Kibana to visualize the data

Show notes:
Anuj Soni:
Twitter: @asoni
• My SANS Webcast on web shells:
• The upcoming FOR610 course in Monterey:
• My bio and instructor page:
- Webacoo

Jason Trost:
Twitter: @jason_trost
Threatstream Github:
Jason's Github:
Modern Honey Network:

Matt Bromiley:
Twitter: @505forensics
MHN Visualization Series:

Lee Whitfield:
Twitter: @lee_whitfield
Forensic 4cast awards nomination:
Facebook Threatexchange:

You can watch it on Youtube here:

Or below:

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