Forensic Lunch 1/30/15 - Kyle Maxwell , Lee Whitfield and Lenny Zeltser

Hello Reader,
         We had information full Forensic Lunch this time around! Our guests this week, in alphabetical order by last name:

Kyle Maxwell, twitter: @kylemaxwell blog:
Lee Whitfield, twitter:@lee_whitfield blog:
Lenny Zeltser, twitter: @lennyzeltser blog:

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The Modern Honeynet Project:
The Forensic 4cast awards nomination page:
FOR 610 (reverse engineering) classes coming up:
Kyle Maxwells talk next week:
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Forensic Lunch schedule for January and Feburary 2015

Hello Reader,
       In what appears to be a good trend for the new year we have 3 episodes of the Forensic Lunch lined up with guests through Feburary! In our next broadcasts we will be announcing the opening of a community honeynet project for all of you join and announcing the details of our next forensic challenge! That's right a new forensic challenge with another free SANS DFIR On Demand class up for grabs!

January 30, 2015:
Join Lenny Zeltser, Kyle Maxwell and the GC gang to talk all about malware, threat intel and reverse engineering.

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Youtube watch link:

Feburary 13, 2015:
Join Anuj Soni, Jason Trost and the GC gang to talk all about attacker tools, the modern honey project and attacker techniques!

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Feburary 27, 2015:
Join Robin Keir and the GC gang, with another guest pending, as we talk about CrowdResponse and the new research into Superfetch

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Forensic Lunch 1/9/15

Hello Reader,
           it's been an interesting month! This is the first of two posts I'm putting up today 1/26/15. This post serves to post up the Forensic Lunch broadcast from 1/9/15. This episode we had an open chat with all of you and Ken Pryor joined the video chat to discuss honeypots which has lead to quite a bit of work on our end and future broadcasts scheduled!

You can watch the 1/9/15 episode here:
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