Daly Blog #348: Forensic Lunch 6/6/14

Hello Reader,
      We had a great Forensic Lunch today. We didn't have any official guests this week , just Matthew, You and I talking about what was interesting to us this week. We talked about:
1. The SANS DFIR Summit
2. The For 408 class I am currently assisting with
3. The research into USB Device history that is leading to a race for application development between Eric Zimmerman and myself
Here are the links to he USB device lookups I found:
Official list of Vendors from USB.org (requires you to convert from decimal to hex to match in the registry) http://www.usb.org/developers/tools/comp_dump
The Linux USB driver list of known USB Vendors and Products:

4. A good discussion about programming in DFIR and the movement towards common output formats and moving data between tools.

I hope you enjoy it and watch live next week!

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