Daily Blog #333: Announcing the official launch of Triforce ANJP!

Announcing the official launch of Triforce ANJP!

Hello Reader,
       Thanks to everyone who came out to our launch party at CEIC last night, I had a great time meeting all of you and I hope you had a great time as well. I am very happy to announce that the beta for Triforce ANJP (Advanced NTFS Journal Parser) is over and we are officially making it available for sale.

Go to the Triforce website here:

With the arrival of the official commercial version I'm happy to say we've also released:
  • An official Users Manual 
  • Youtube videos explaining the main functions and features of the tool
  • Youtube videos explaining how to use the tool
  • Official support via email and phone
  • All located here: LINK N/A
 We offered a discount code for $100 off the list price of $599 at the conference but I thought I shouldn't limit that offer to just those who could make it to CEIC. So I thought other than our beta users (who received an ever better discount code) you our regular blog readers also deserved a discount. So for the next 7 days you can use discount code TFBLOG499 and get the Triforce for just $499! To our beta users please know that we will have to turn off the beta discount at some point and I'll be emailing you when we determine what that time frame is.

That $499 gets you a perpetual license that you can activate on two systems of your choice and a year of free signature updates. After the 1st year we will charge $199 a year for signature updates and new versions. We have a lot of features planned to be added over the year as we turn the Triforce into what we imagine it can be and when they do get added the price will likely go up. New features coming in the next few months:

  • New signatures monthly
  • Forensic image access, no more exporting artifacts
  • Better reporting
  • More database support, extending beyond sqlite to mysql, postgres and more
  • Full MFT rule support
  • Auto license activation
So if you've enjoyed this year of blogging, the forensic lunch, our projects (like the multi boot thumbdrive), research and tools please consider supporting us with a purchase of a Triforce license. I think you'll be happy you did when you see what it can do for your investigations!

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