Daily Blog #327: Forensic Lunch schedule for next week at CEIC

Forensic Lunch schedule for next week at CEIC

Hello Reader,
         As I mentioned in yesterdays Forensic Lunch we will be doing the show live at CEIC next week! Not only will be doing it live, we will be doing it multiple days!

Schedule live from the show floor:
Tuesday 5/21/14 2:00pm CST (RSVP and video here) Interview with Ken Mizota, Suzanne Widup and more!
Tuesday 5/20/14 6:00pm CST (RSVP and video here) Daily Wrapup
Wednesday 5/21/14 6:00pm CST (RSVP and video here)Daily Wrapup

We will be bringing on guests from Guidance and the best speakers we can round up from the day. The goal here is to bring those of you who can't make it to CEIC the best information that's being given here!

If you are at CEIC and either want to watch the show live or talk to us about your DFIR world we will be to the left of the entrance to the exhibit hall. Guidance has been very supportive of our efforts and is setting up a table with mics and all so we can all have some forensic fun.

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